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Thomas WARD
Birth: 3 May 1759, Guilford, NC
Death: 11 Feb 1839, White River Twp., Randolph, IN
Burial: 1839, Friends Cemetery, White River Twp., Randolph, IN
Father: Joel WARD
Mother: Nancy ROSS

Spouse: Mary Margery (Margret) PIGGOTT
Birth: 5 Feb 1759, Orange Co., NC
Death: 12 Aug 1843, White River Twp., Winchester, Randolph, IN
Father: William PIGGOTT (1726-1770)
Mother: Sarah PIKE (1733-1811)
Marriage: 1782, Guilford Co., NC

Children: Sarah
Mary (1785-1855)
Joel (1788-1869)
Joab (1790-1874)
Elizabeth (1796-1859)
Margery (1799-1869)
Lydia (1803-1880)

Thomas, a native of NC, in which state he lived during the Revolutionary War, was a Quaker, and took no part in that struggle, though both the Americans and British tried unsuccessfully to force him into service. He had a brother who was a Colonel in the American Army, and a brave officer. Sarah, the eldest dau. is the only one of the family who did not emigrate to Randolph Co, IN (Found in Tucker's Hist of Randolph Co., IN 1882, pg.327).

Later research collected by Mrs. James P. Goodrich and Mrs. Oren Ross. Winchester, IN in Randolph Co, shows that Thomas Ward enlisted in 1777 as a pvt. in Capt. Cepon's Co., 1st Regt., N.C. under Col. Thomas Clark. PROOF - N.C. Rev. soldier, vol. XII, p.70, folio 4; p. 71 and folio 1, Land Grant N.C. Record. The family migrated to Ross County, OH in about 1800, later going on West into Randolph Co, IN, settling in White River Township, where they spent the rest of their days.

Thomas Ward, served in the Revolutionary War, the gun which he carried being now in the possession of Joel Ward. He experienced, also, in full measure, the hardships attending the lot of the pioneer. Inconvenience and danger, abounding on every hand, each day aroused anew that sturdy opposition which surmounted every obstacle. On one occasion, with two companions, he was captured by Indians, who bound them to stakes, to be burned next morning. Being a powerful man, and drawing, from the awfulness of the situation, a supernatural strength, he succeeded, during the night I pulling the stake to which he was died from the ground. Freeing his companions, and stealing a gun from a sleeping Indian, he made his escape. On the following day they were obliged to conceal themselves in a hollow log, near by which the Indians passed, in searching for them; and it was not until after four days had been spent in wandering about the woods that they at last reached Pittsburgh, which was then an American Fort. Randolph Co. History

1830 census Randolph Co., IN
Thomas Ward
1 Free White male in 70-80 yrs old range
1 Free White Female in 70-80 yrs old range

Thomas Ward 1759-1839 Family - Richardson and Sykes FamilyPhoto: Friends Cemetery, An early Quaker Cemetery, there are many unmarked graves. Located at County Roads 100 East and 100 North on the south side of White River. It was in use by 1830. Thomas Ward, a Revolutionary War Veteran is buried here, along with his wife and several of his children. He and his wife both have a stone marker. As a young man Thomas Ward was captured and tied to a stake by Indians. While they slept, he pulled up the stakes and escaped.

1.1 Sarah WARD

did not emigrate to Randolph County, IN (Found in Tucker's History of Randolph County, page 327.)

Spouse: Joshua MOFFITT

Children: Thomas

1.2 Nancy WARD

also have her marring Ellis Kizer (from 12/97


1.3 Mary WARD
Birth: 13 Sep 1785, Guilford, NC
Death: 19 Apr 1855, White River Twp., Randolph, IN

A manuscript written and signed by Mary Ward Moffitt on Aug 4 1853, was accompanied by affidavits from her daughter, Margery Moffitt Hickman and her husband Samuel, proving the records of the Ward-Piggott-Moffitt lines and was published in "The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record" as well as "The Randolph County, IN 1818-1990" book Compiled by the Randolph County Historical Society, on pg 663.

Spouse: Joseph MOFFITT
Birth: 16 Nov 1776, , Chatham, NC
Death: 30 Jun 1854
Father: Hugh MOFFITT
Mother: Hannah DAVIS

Children: Hugh (1803-)
Stephen (1807-)
Seth (1809-)
Martha (1812-)
Zimri (1814-)
Mary (1817-)
Margery (1819-)

1.4 Joel WARD
Birth: 1788, Guilford, NC
Death: 2 Oct 1869, White River Twp., Randolph, IN
Burial: 1869, White River Friends Meeting, Church Cem., Winchester, Randolph, IN
Occupation: Justice of the Peace, Land owner

also have died Oct 7th
also 22 JUL 1869 in Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana (age 81 y, 3 m, 13 d)

1. John W. WARD b: 21 JUL 1821
2. Malitna Ellen WARD b: 19 FEB 1825 in Indiana

They were married at the town of Chillicothe, Ohio, and as early as 1820 came to Delaware County, Indiana, locating in Franklin Township, near the present site of Ridgeville. Later they moved to Randolph County, the township of White River, one and a half miles north of Winchester, where Mr. Ward's death occurred, October 13, 1869; the mother died in May of the following year and rests by the side of her husband in whet is known as the White River Cemetery. Seven children were born to Joel and Ruth Ward, namely: John W.; Jairus, deceased; Malitna, deceased; Elizabeth, wife of John Orth; Eunice, deceased; Nehemiah, and Sarah J., deceased.
Joel Ward was a man of local prominence in the community where he resided, served for a number of years as a Justice of the Peace, and, at one time, was in very flourishing financial circumstances, owning a large tract of real estate, much of which he lost on account of going security for irresponsible parties.

Randoph Co., IN 1850 Census
Line Dw Fam Last Name First Name Age Sex Color Occupation Value of Real Estate Place Born
7 345 348 Ward Joel 62 M W Farmer 2000 No. Carolina
8 345 348 Ward Ruth 56 F W . . Kentucky .
9 345 348 Ward Elizabeth 23 F W . . Indiana .

Spouse: Ruth HAYS
Birth: abt 19 Mar 1794, Kentucky
Death: 12 May 1871

Children: John W.
Elizabeth (~1827-)
Nehemiah H. (1830-)
Sarah J. (1833-)

1.5 Joab WARD
Birth: 14 Dec 1790, Guilford, NC
Death: 5 Nov 1874, Ridgeville, Franklin Twp., Randolph, IN
Occupation: livestock farmer

In 1819 he came to Randolph County, Indiana, arriving on the bank of the Mississinewa River on April 7, his family traveling with him from Ohio in a wagon. A little way from the point where they stopped, about 500 Indians were encamped. He bought a farm on Section 12, the same being then one unbroken forest. With the exception of one family, by the name of Lewellen, that of Joab Ward
was the first in this locality, his farm lying furthest west. Some distance to the east of his lands three or four families were located. Joab Ward built a log cabin, which is still occupied as a dwelling house, and in which, with the exception of two years spent with his father, near Winchester, he lived until his death.
In his early life Mr. Joab Ward dealt more or less in live stock. His was an enthusiastic and successful hunter, and among his lucky ventures was the killing of seven deer one morning before breakfast. He was married, March 10, 1814, to Amy Graves, of Ross County, Ohio, where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Graves, wedded about 1800, having come from North Carolina. Fifteen children were born of this union, being William, Mary (Mrs. J. Sumption), Thomas (deceased), Berilla (Mrs. R. Sumption), Eleanor (Mrs. W. Pettijohn), Edith (Mrs. J. Moffit), Harriet (Mrs. W. Thompson), Susan (deceased), David Joel, Lydia (Mrs. M. Way), Joab, and another, who died in infancy. Mrs. Amy Ward died August 27, 1864.

For many years a prominent citizen of Ridgeville, Randolph County, Indiana, the Township receiving from him the name it still bears. When first formed, Ward township comprised the entire north part of the county, out of which, in process of time, were created four distinct township -- Green, Franklin, Ward and Jackson.

Mr. Joab Ward became the owner of 620 acres of land. Reared in the Quaker faith, he never joined any church of other society. In politics he was formerly a Whig, and latterly a Republican. He was a strong abolitionist. Although interested in the political issues of the country, Mr. Ward neither sought nor would accept public office of any kind. Ward Township was named after him. Mr. Joab Ward was unfortunate in suffering several strokes of paralysis, the last causing his death on November 5, 1874.

Source of information: Ridgeville Museum (Ridgeville, Indiana); Lists
spouse, years for birth and death dates for both Joab and Amy. Children
1. Eleanor WARD
2. Thomas WARD
3. Margery WARD
4. Edith WARD
5. Harriet P. WARD
6. Joel WARD
7. Lydia WARD
8. Joab WARD
9. William WARD
10. Sarah WARD
11. Mary WARD
12. David WARD
13. Berilla WARD
14. Susannah WARD

Spouse: Amy GRAVES
Birth: 1794, NC
Death: 27 Aug 1864, Winchester, IN
Father: John GRAVES
Marriage: March 10 1813-14, OH

Children: Thomas
Joel (1838-1914)
Dr. David Work (1835-1874)

1.6 Elizabeth WARD
Birth: 23 Sep 1796, Guilford, NC
Death: 17 Feb 1859, Ward Twnshp., Randolph, IN
Burial: 1859, Reitenour Cemetery, Randolph, IN

Spouse: Burkett PIERCE
Birth: 16 Jan 1793, Loudoun, VA
Death: 19 Aug 1884, Ward Twnshp., Randolph, IN
Father: Samuel PIERCE (1767-1815)
Mother: Delilah TAYLOR (1770-1806)
Marriage: 20 Jun 1816, Liberty Twnshp., Ross, OH

Children: Matilda (1817-1872)
Uriah Burkett (1818-1878)
Delilah (~1819-1819)
James R. (1822-1895)
Joel Ward (1825-1859)
Nancy (Nany) (1828-1884)
Sarah (1832-)

1.7 Margery WARD
Birth: 1799, Guilford, NC
Death: 30 Oct 1869, Ward Twnshp., Randolph, IN
Religion: Society of Friends

Spouse: Elias KIZER
Birth: 1800, Bortetourt Co., VA
Death: Mar 1867
Marriage: 1 Jan 1824, Randolph, IN

Children: Thomas W. (1824-)
Henry P. (1826-)
Caleb died in infancy

1.8 Lydia WARD
Birth: 28 Jun 1803, Richmondale, Ross, OH
Death: 11 Nov 1880, son's home, Liberty Twnshp., Marshall, IA
Burial: Nov 1880, Bevins Grove Cem, Liberty Twnshp., Marshall, IA
Religion: Society of Friends
Lydia Ward Pierce Headstone
While her husband was falling the trees, Lydia was spinning the wool and flax to clothe her family. She made all their goods, made the garments and knit their stockings. Did her work and then had time to go visiting, she was a great knitter - she would knit as she walked, and they had to walk those days. She thought nothing of walking ten miles and sometimes carry her baby. Lydia had no special church, never-the-less, she was a grand woman, and loved by young and old. Her religion was her everyday walk and if there is a Heaven she is there. Died at her son Anthony's in Liberty Township, Marshall County, IA where she had recently gone to make her home, died of pneumonia.

Indiana marriages to 1850 database on
Pierce, Thomas Ward, Lydia Sep 30 1825

Spouse: Thomas Andrew PIERCE
Birth: 24 Aug 1800, Loudoun, VA
Death: 5 Nov 1868, White River Twp., Winchester, Randolph, IN
Burial: Nov 1868, White River Friends Cem., Randolph, IN
Father: Samuel PIERCE (1767-1815)
Mother: Delilah TAYLOR (1770-1806)
Marriage: 28 Sep 1825, Maternal Home, Sec. 14 Twp. 20, Randolph, IN

Children: John Milton (1826-1865)
William Orlando (1828-)
Samuel Amander (1829-1894)
Delilah Jane (1831-1900)
Anthony Ritenaur (1833-1910)
Joab Ward (1835-)
Mariah Louise (~1837-)
Emeline E. (~1839-)
Sarah Emiline (1841-1880)
Thomas Ozro A. (1843-1917)
Cordelia Ellen (1847-1919)

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